Swiss Ethical Skin Care

Zilooa, a range of natural skincare that intertwines Swiss beauty care perfection with respect for the environment.

Zilooa offers natural beauty care product range, nurtured from a concept of harm avoidance and innovative formulae that are neutral to health and aquatic environments, without compromising the demands of quality, elegance and pleasure.

The synergy combination of agents and cutting edge technology have allowed a development skin care products, without resorting to chemicals filters, paraben or any other harmful components.

The skin care range guarantees an optimal hydratation and protection of the skin.

The light textures and unique, timeless sensory pleasure of Zilooa skin care products are an exquisite invitation to travel and escape.

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Our commitment

Zilooa, the coconut tree crab

Zilooa is inspired by the name of the coconut tree crab that is found on a Pacific island.

This species, living between the land and sea, depends on the aquatic environment for the reproduction and is under threat in many regions of the world.

Zilooa is a reference to the brand's commitment.

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